Some Projects

PyWeather Report & Analysis

Used: Raspberry Pi, Python, Google Weather API, Twilio API, AWS S3, Google Visualization API, JS/jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS

Info: Created Python program that gathers data using Google Weather API, sends friends + family daily message with weather forecast, and stores aggregated data on AWS S3. On weather page, create graphs using JavaScript, Google Visualization API, and collected data from S3.

Links: visit & Github repository

Diving Clips Domain

Used: HTML, CSS3, AJAX, JS, Masonry, AWS S3, Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Bootstrap

Info: As a division-one athlete in college, I began this project to easily reference great diving clips on YouTube, rather than having to remember key search terms. Content is dynamically loaded via JavaScript & AJAX. The website is fully responsive, leveraging Bootstrap and Masonry. When learning a new technology, I usually test here, such as recently changing web hosting to use AWS S3.

Links: visit

NatGeo Twitter Analysis

Used: Python, Twitter API, Google Visualization API, JS/jQuery, AJAX, HTML, CSS

Info: Used Python with Twitter API (Tweepy library) to grab latest 800 National Geographic tweets, looking for mentions of animals. Used AJAX request with data dumped into JSON to create clean visuals with Google Visualization API.

Links: visit

Pet Age Calculator

Used: HTML, CSS3, JS

Info: Wanting to solve a personal problem of determining the age of my pets by using JavaScript. This continues to be a work-in-progress, so as my knowledge grows, so shall this. Code can also be found at my GitHub repository.

Links: visit & GitHub repository

Athletic Video Archive - Senior Thesis

Used: Apache, HTML, CSS, UML/Use Cases

Info: Teamed up with Dr. Mehmet Dalkilic and doctoral candidate, Mark Jenne, to improve the video analysis process for Indiana University Athletics. Gathered requirements, created use cases, and spent much time combatting potential design issues. Final prototype (image shown above) included password-protected directory that allowed for coach, manager, and possibly athlete access to upload video clips taken from iPad or iPhone. When prompted for login information, guests may use "guest" and "password" for user name and password.

Links: intended end-user process & senior thesis paper & visit

iTunes Web App

Used: Python 3.3, iTunes RSS, HTML, CSS


Info: Worked with Python 3.3 and iTunes RSS feed to create a web application displaying up to top 30 songs, albums, and music videos for countries like US, Australia, and the UK. The user can preview media content, view iTunes link to selected media, and even click on "Search YouTube" button to see YouTube results for selected media.

Links: visit

e-Waste Awareness Website

Used: HTML, CSS3

Info: Developed a website to raise awareness of the problem that is electronic waste, providing viewers with an informational video and moving photos that display the negative effects of e-waste. The web page also gives viewers necessary resources to find recycling locations near them, among other informative websites.

Links: visit

User Experience Semester Study

Used: UX, Research

Info: Collaborated in a semester-long study of how subtle changes result in greater user experience. We conducted interviews, online polls, did research, and used personal experiences to construct a paper, poster, and video. These communicated important info regarding the four factors we found that affect a user's experience with different version of a product or similar products: features, performance, aesthetics, and ease-of-use.

Links: final research paper & final research poster

Schurz Code Hunt

Used: UX, Adobe Photoshop & InDesign, Research

Info: Finaled in the Schurz Innovation Challenge with my concept of the "Schurz Code Hunt." Schurz Communications came to my Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) class and presented everyone with the challenge to help them increase newspaper-related revenue. The PDF elaborates on the what, who, when, where, and why of my proposed concept, which offers great incentives for Schurz and consumers, providing great user experiences.

Links: final PDF

Duckstermination Python Game

Used: Python 2.6, LiveWires, PyGame

Info: Developed a computer game using Python 2.6, Livewires, and PyGame. Loosely based off the popular Nintendo game "Duck Hunt," the user must control the gun at the bottom of the screen with the left and right arrows keys and shoot the gun with the spacebar button found on the keyboard. Upon shooting down 20 ducks, the player is deemed the winner. Make sure to play with the volume on, as the game has sound effects.

Links: Duckstermination Zip Download