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Our Problem

At a certain point in time, electronic products become unused or unwanted, due to many reasons. New models of technologies are released frequently, which adds to the quantity of discarded electronics. The term e-waste refers to these products that are commonly thrown away. Only a small percentage (about 15%) of our electronics are recycled, and the rest tend to be exported. The purpose of this page is to bring awareness to this important issue, link resources for those interested in recycling, offer people information about recycling, and connect sites with proposed solutions.

Where E-Waste is Found

Our electronic waste is most often sent to developing countries where it then becomes their responsbility to deal with these hazardous materials. Approximately 70-80% of e-waste that is meant to be recycled is exported to Accra, Ghana; Lagos, Nigeria; Karachi, Pakistan; Delhi, India; and Guiyu, China. The largest e-waste recycling site in the world is located in Guiyu, where the residents of the city suffer from substantial digestive, respiratory, neurological, and bone problems. A documentary showing the conditions of Guiyu can be found here. Similar to that documentary, an older, Greenpeace video on the e-waste situation in Ghana can be found below or by clicking here.

Electronic Waste in Ghana

This video shows how large of an impact e-waste has, not only on the environment but the people who call this place home. In this case, citizens of Ghana have become victims because countries ship their electronic trash containing materials with hazardous chemicals to their once lush environment. The people of Ghana's best solution to deal with the mountains of waste is to burn them, which creates toxic air for all nearby, living organisms.

The Story of Electronics

60 Minutes - E-Waste

Effects of E-Waste