Professional Experience

March 2021 – Current
Booz Allen Hamilton, Remote
Associate | Senior Software Engineer
  • Lead, mentor, and manage small team of engineers by performing product-planning and curation of Jira tickets
  • Expand on existing Dockerized Python/Django + React + PostgreSQL web app by building out new features & functionality while adhering to web security standards
  • Pioneer construction of scalable, end-to-end data pipeline in AWS with EC2, S3, RDS (PostgreSQL), & Lambda
  • Assist with slide deck creation by creating videos demoing new web app functionality ultimately presented to the executive team as well as in high-level client meetings
  • Communicate status of various technical tasks & blockers to client during weekly meetings
  • Build out specific proof-of-concepts through R&D for internal strategic projects
July 2017 – February 2021
Nativo Inc., El Segundo, CA
Software Engineer - Web Team
  • Collaborate with team members on to build web app that displays useful metrics and information to advertisers & publishers using Python + Flask + Jinja, AngularJS, VueJS, SQL Server, SQLAlchemy, and more
  • Solely involved in the management and improvement of company’s Chrome extension and automated screenshot service using Python + Chromium (headless) + S3 + SQS + Docker
  • Improve internal processes through the development of various web tools, such as generating XML based on user input and converting legacy XML to JSON then into HTML to drastically simplify UI and user experience
  • Leverage Python libraries (ex. pyinstrument) to help measure performance of all web app endpoints, expanding the toolkit of our engineers and even allow us to diagnose issues in our production environment
  • Work in an AGILE environment out of JIRA in sprint cycles and communicate with product and other various stakeholders to develop internal and client-facing features
  • Mentor new hires on platform and Support Engineers on platform, tech stack, and Python scripting tasks
November 2015 – July 2017
Nativo Inc., El Segundo, CA
Junior Software Engineer
As an active, integral part of the effort to develop Nativo's next generation platform, top priorities are passion for leveraging technology & software to solve problems and maximize productivity & efficiency, plus:
  • Use Python to build & manage tools that automate reporting and other processes by using Selenium, AWS (S3+SQS+SES), Google Spreadsheets API, SQL Server, multithreading, and more
  • Support the business by researching, building, and maintaining applications and widgets using front-end (HTML+CSS+JavaScript) + back-end technologies (Python/PHP), ranging from client-facing to internal usage, such as building a company Chrome extension and service to ingest third-party data from Moat
  • Transition proof-of-concept development into production-level applications in accordance with best practices
  • Analyze and resolve application problems
  • Participate in peer-reviews with Senior team members and expand knowledge of technology stack
  • Provide technical support to Support Engineers (where needed) and mentor/train new hires

Projects (more info here)

May 2019 - ongoing
  • Built full-stack web app from the ground up, powered by VueJS front-end + Python/Flask backend
  • Aggregate sport-specific competition data with automated scripts that populate PostgreSQL database on AWS RDS
  • Leverage Google Geocoding API to convert addresses to latitude & longitude for precise plotting of map markers on custom Leaflet + MapBox map
  • Handle DevOps-related tasks, such as server deployment: AWS Route 53 + AWS EC2 + Nginx + uWSGI
July 2015 - May 2018
  • Gathered weather data on personal Raspberry Pi using Python and Google's weather API since July 2015
  • Sends text message with Twilio's Python API to family/friends every morning with daily weather forecast including high/low temperature, conditions, sunrise, sunset, and friendly greeting
  • Converted weather data stored as CSV to JSON then upload to AWS S3 bucket
  • Made website that uses Google Visualization API and displays weather data retrieved from S3
October 2014 - ongoing
  • Built user-friendly website using responsive design that contains links to springboard, platform, and cliff diving videos, as well as motivational clips
  • Hosting website through AWS S3, as an exercise for setting up canonical name (CNAME) record and using S3 bucket to host static site
  • Dynamically populating video links using JavaScript + AJAX
  • Most testing of new technologies are done on this site, so features and implementations change frequently
  • Provided user with widget that allows for searching of videos on YouTube
  • Created form giving users the option to offer any suggestions they may have

Languages and Technologies (# years)

  • Python, JavaScript, VueJS, ReactJS, Angular1, Lodash, HTML5, CSS3, SASS/LESS, MSSQL Server, PostgreSQL, Flask, Django, SQLAlchemy
  • Github, BitBucket, GitLab, Docker, Jira, Confluence, Chrome Extensions, ElasticSearch, Headless Chrome, Selenium, PhantomJS, AWS (EC2, S3, SQS, SES, RDS, Lambda, & more), Google Analytics, Google AdSense, PyCharm
  • APIs: Google Maps (JS), Instagram (JS), Google Visualization (JS), Twilio (Python), AWS/Boto (Python), Twitter (Python), Google Weather (Python), Geocoder (Python), Google Sheets/"gspread" (Python)


May 2014
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Bachelor of Science in Informatics
Cognate in Business

Extracurricular + Achievements

  • Certification: AWS Cloud Practitioner
  • Certification: Leadership Excellence Course (Academy Leadership, LLC)
  • Certification: USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach (L1) & competitive weightlifter
  • Indiana University Diving Team Member, 2010-14
  • Volunteer at Indiana University Aquatic Facility, 2010-14
  • Honorable Mention Academic All-American, 2012-13
  • Dean's List: Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Spring 2014
  • Schurz Innovation Challenge Finalist, December 2014